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Friends And Events

These third party links below are friends and family who we are proud to recommend to you.


 J B Mobile Spray Tanning is a mobile spray tanning service available in Mid Devon and North Cornwall. May be able to accomodate outside these area's for a large wedding or function (prices may vary in these cases).


Top quality novalty gifts and live land and Aquatic Snails.



We are based in Bristol and North Devon and are Snail breeders and enthusiasts, we understand that sometimes Snails can breed beyond your control, we also understand that circumstances change and

you may not be interested in your Snails anymore or you may not be able to offer them the time and dedication they need. we offer all our animals love and care. If this applies to you then we can take them off your hands, we can accomodate both Land and Aquatic Snails, just hit the link above to send us an e-mail.



We are based in Bristol and north Devon and although we keep all sorts of tropical fish we specialise in the keeping and breeding of guppies. Guppies, like a lot of live bearing tropical fish can very easily breed out of control and before you know it you over run with them, or it may just be that have had guppies as pets and you no longer want them. if this applies to you then we can take them off your hands. Just hit the link above to send us an email. If you have other tropical you would like us to take off your hands we will consider any requests (please note we are unable to accomodate Marine Fish unless you are donating your full tank set-up).


This is our facebook page, if you like our website and range of products click the like button above to help other people to discover Poisons Palace through facebook.


 Free20Quid.com is a website we have been told about that give you cashback on your online spending and also offers cashback if you complete surveys etc.

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